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The BaiMao Sea, The Gemini

By Jiang Mengy 

Those who live near the sea own their unique happiness.

How to describe the seas in XuWen county? I would regard them as a beautiful women, who is exceedingly fascinating and charming. Yeah, there are so many differences between these seas that each sealooks so unique, just like The Zodiac. And the BaiMao Sea, one of them, it is like the Gemini. Before I came to appreciate the beauty of it, the beautifully poetic seascape has existed in my mind so deeply by imagination on the basis of the poet Huang Lihai’s description and the travel experts BeiPao’s words that I felt I was just a pilgrim filled with piety and tension on my way to there.

Making a pilgrimage reverently with the eulogy to the BaiMao sea

As the sun set, the sea is like an elder who is generous and steady and its sparkling surface looks like that the elder is staring his children, the crowded people working on the rocks, lovingly and leniently

The sound of "jingle bells" in the middle of the oyster indicated another harvest of oysters. In the evening, the sea narrowed its eyes with satisfaction, and watched his children return with a full load.

The people returning with a full load smiled a sweet and rustic smile in their swarthy faces.

With a myriad of lights coming on, it seemed that the BaiMao sea was slightly melancholy and lonely. Those guests who come from afar were buried in feasting on the seafood, drinking and having their fun, leaving the sea itself alone, especially lonely.

A lonely guy with a lonely dog accompanying the lonely sea, but they felt comfortable instead of loneliness, with the old lighthouse whispering with them. (shot by Tang Jie)

The waves wandered aimlessly along the shore and turned away in silence, fearing that it would disturb the guests and the desire to speak would still rest And not far away was an old, sun-tanned lighthouse.

Deep into the night, the sea was free from restlessness. We were hurtling along the coast in our convertible, the wind howling in our ears, the sand running down our cheeks as if it were a quick, warm kiss. The waves beat the beat of rock and roll, and we waved our flashlights to interweave the light of the stage. We released ourselves, running, shouting and laughing.

There was a light show on the beach at night, but the actors were not interested in the show, because they were looking for fresh seafood.

This was a date for us and the sea. So there were a lot of stories, the hippocampus runing faster than the horse, the fat but flexible man catching hippocampus quickly and accurately, the middle-aged uncle who has chased the hippocampus for a long time, the rookie trying to catch a hippocampus alive but unable to get his hands on it, and the girl who was bitten by a hippocampus before showing off in an ostentatious manner and burst into a dolphin's voice, as well as a fanciful bald head, the one who imagined there was a hippocampus big enough to gallop on the beach… eh…I thought we would have a sweeter dream than before.

Kissing the water kissingly with tiptoe is the most wonderful way to start a new day.

The farewell of the night is the moment when the sun breaks through the clouds, when the sea is soft and clear.

Though sleepy, when I rushed out of the door and saw the sunrise, I felt I was full of energy. In the morning, the water is clear but not cold. Walking on the soft sand beach with bare feet and toes kissing the water made the restlessness calmed.

Striding vigorously, I felt I were a swordman adventuring in the world, and when standing on the rocks in silence, breathing, I got an unprecedented peace in my heart, which was the favor granted by the vast world.

Facing the Sea With Spring Blossoms

By the time the sun was in the air, the plants of the sea came to life, and I was watering the flowers with the sunlight resting on me. When the fisherman's sister-in-law called us to have breakfast, I had to stop my work andimmediately and run all the way, following the scent back.

After playing for whole night yesterday, a pot of delicious porridge was the best gift and it was too special for me to eat it up.

On the morning, it was wonderful enough for us to have a bowl of fresh fragrant and energetic hippocampus porridge as we appreciated the beauty of the sea and the flowers.

self-driving guide : start off from the county town, follow the s376 provincial road in the direction of WaiLuo fishing port , then turn into 3 km at the intersection opposite at the post office savings office, that is to see the road sign of BaiMao Sea. You can also navigate to BaiMao village.


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