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Meeting the most beautiful you in the beauty of the moonlight over the lotus pond, the QianTang Lotus Tourism Culture Festival and the “Lotus Fairy” Pageant got its perfect ending.

By Zhong Cheng, Chen Chanwen & Wu Shaoxian  From the ZhanJiang tourism net  

From July 27th to July 31st, the QianTang Lotus Tourism Culture Festival in the Potou District in 2018, on the topic ofadmiring the lotus, tasting the fibre of lotus root and greeting the High Speed Rail, as well as promoting the rural development”, was held at the lotus base of QianTang town, PoTou district, ZhanJiang city, with ten thousand acres of lotus flowers blossoming.

The 2018 Lotus Tourism Culture Festival and the Lotus Fairy Pageant of the QianTang town, a town in the PoTou district , was held perfectly in the lotus root professional cooperative (the local lotus base) of QianTang town in the PoTou district, ZhanJiang city. Furthermore, the highlight of the activity was the Lotus Fairy Pageant and the aim of it was to promote the development of the local tourism, realizing the goal of revitalizing the rural economy.

  The following contestant : Dan Na, Ma Hua, Liang Jiayi, Lao Jindi, Chen Yulu, Huang Yingyi, ShenHaiqi, Xiao Linting, Chen Lijuan, Feng Yingying won the honorary title of the 2018 “Lotus Fairy” at the QianTang town in the PoTou district, and they took photos for memorizing with the head of the lotus root professional cooperative in Qiantang in Potou District. (shot by Zhong Cheng)

Li Shuting, Guo Jie and Ma Hua, all from ZhanJiang university, won the first and second place respectively. (shot by Zhong Cheng)

the contest judges (shot by Zhong Cheng)

The entire event has been praised by the judges and tourists. Some poets, photographers, etc. have taken up their own unique methods to applaud the 2018 Qiantang Lotus Tourism Culture Festival in the PoTou District. In addition, the judges commented in place, praised the players and encouraged the beauty.

These “lotus fairy” show us a wonderful competition about beauty with the pleasant scenery of the pond, expressing their attitudes of living up to the youth towards their life. (shot by Zhong Cheng)

Campaign form : show form, live introduction, q&a, live talent show. (shot by Zhong Cheng)

Children Latin Dance 《girl 》(shot by Zhong Cheng)

group photo (shot by Zhong Cheng)


Tourists flood (shot by Zhong Cheng)

A corner of beautiful scenery (shot by Zhong Cheng)


Appreciating the blue sky and the white clouds, people were intoxicated by the beauty of the lotus in the lotus pond.


 Tourists picked up their mobile phones to take photos and shared with their friends.

The Lotus Tourism Culture Festival was a special tourism promotion activity which was planned and designed successfully on the basis of local characteristics and organized by the Potou District Committee and the District Government, in order to vigorously motivate the promotion of Potou District tourism and further improve the popularity and reputation of Potou. Qiantang Town has a well-developed Lotus root planting industry with a total planting area of tens of thousands of Mu, more than 1,000 employees, an annual output of more than 30 million kilograms, and an annual output value of 150 million yuan. Qiantang Town has already developed a lotus root processing industry, and also intends to build itself into a fishing port flavor tourism town.


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