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The advertisement of collecting names for Xuwen “National Climate Labeling”

Xuwen county is the only tropical peninsula and famous port of departure for Maritime Silk Road of Han dynasty, which is located in the southern most zone of China mainland, south to the Qiongzhou strait, and Hainan Island across the sea. Xuwen is the tropical monsoon climate with a pleasant climate of the 23.3mean annual temperature, a place which enjoys no extreme cold in winter and no extreme hot in summer. It is the national modern agricultural demonstration zone and one of the first national demonstration area of marine ecological civilization zones

 Eco-Xuwen, hometown of longevity.

Building the “golden card” of regional brand through climate resources which is the shortcut way to manage the climate resources and develop the climate economy. That is why Xuwen county plans to get the certification of “national climate labeling” (the “national climate labeling” is the certification of which given by the National Meteorological Center after conducting the monitor and evaluation of regional climate resource , prepare the national climate resource brand evaluation report which would be scientific reviewed by the SAC/TC540 ), now the Xuwen county is going to collect names of “National Climate Labeling” from the public society, details as following:

I, collecting content.

Names for Xuwen “National Climate Labeling”

For example: Lishui·hometown for preserving longevity of China with a pleasant climate, Guiyang·city for escaping summer heat wave in China, Liupanshui·a delightfully cool city of China, Yaan·an eco-climate city of China, Chengkou·an eco-climate bright pearl of China, Qinjiang·a refreshing cool canyon city of China.


Countryside tourism area of the pineapple sea

II, collecting timetable.

From now on to August 30th, 2018

III, organizer

Tourism Bureau of Xuwen and Xuwen Meteorological Bureau

The site of departure port for Maritime Silk Road of Han dynasty(Da han san dun tourism area)

IV, Requirements for collection

1, Content requirements

A, The name of collecting should be correspond with the reality of Xuwen, and reflects the climate, nature and human character of Xuwen.

B, The name of collecting should be profound in meaning, simplicity of its words, catchy, rich in infection and powerful.

2, Formality requirements

A, Works collection applications should be attached with submitted  climate labeling names and relative illustration in words(about 200 words) , so is the information of the applicants( real name, phone number and address).

B, No more than 5 works collecting from each contributor.

White sand bay recreation holiday resort

V, ways to submitted.

E-mail your works collection to the assigned Mail-box, noting the words: Xuwen·national climate labeling collection in the mail-headline.

E-mail box:[email protected]

Contact number:0759-4879227

 Coral-Reef National Nature Reserve

VI, Sixth, the award setting

Number one winner which adopted, awards 6000 yuan

The entrants awards 1000 yuan which are five winners

If the awarded collecting works is created by more than one solo original author , the awarded money is divided depend on the opinions of the authors; Above awarded money are pre-taxed, personal income tax should paid by the winners; The winners get the awarded money with personal ID card.

VII, works review

After the closing day of the work collecting, the organizer will set up an examination group which is formed by relative experts and leaders to review the collected works, the chosen works will be submitted to the Xuwen people government for examination by the county meteorologic bureau, after that, the approved works will be published in the Xuwen tourism Wechat official account.

The most southern point of Chinese mainland-lighthouse

VIII, special declaration

1, No any fees are charged and all the organizations and individuals in the society are welcome.

2, All the submitted works should be original, no copyright argument, the organizer will cancel the competition qualification if the works plagiarize from others. If the submitted works are involved in the law issue of copyright, the author should take on the responsibility.

3, The organizer has the ownership of all rights about the awarded works.

4, The organizer reserve the right for final interpretation to this activity.

5, All the contributor were deemed to have approved the content of this statement

The location of Xuwen

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