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Down a worn path, in the west wind, A lean horse comes plodding. The sun dips down in the west. The ancient city of charm is still at the end of the world.

Today, we are arriving at the famous tourist attraction of Leizhou----Modocom ancient city.

Modocom ancient city

The front gate of the city

The Modocom ancient city with an ancient charm architectural style, is located at the famous national historical cultural city---Leizhou. When you wonder around the city, you will have a feeling as if you are transcending time, coming back to the old time.

The typical Lei denomination architecture style of Blue stone red brick and red tiles, is a concentration of local culture and folklore, not only showing off the original style of Leizhou ancient city, but also a realization of the perfect combination for modern noble community and ancient drum town. It`s a salute from the modern to tradition, also a bland new presentation of the ancient Lei culture.

Let`s start our journey with a ice-cream cone!

Walking inside the front door, as if we step inside the historical vortex of Leizhou, the exquisite ancient architectures echo each other. With the guide of layer branches attaching the red lanterns, it`s a new world. 

The indicators with languages of three countries, adds a modern breath to the baronial atmosphere of the city. As if it shows welcome to the foreign friends. Is it that reflects the tolerance of Leizhou culture?

If every ancient city has its own naughty cute side, then these interesting slogans are just reflection of the Modocom town, relaxing and humorous.

The grinderies and wooden tables can be seen everywhere in the ancient city, give you a feeling as if you were just watching the Leizhou ancients hard working and the diving skill Leizhou carpenters. All these embody the delicacy of the ancient city and the Leizhou culture they represent.

As the ancients saying goes :”Peace world always with elephants”, implies” good luck” and” be a general in the field or a minister at court”. The elephant bench, located at the corner of ancient city, not only stands for the people`s love for elephant, but places with sweetness and warmth.

The factors of 12 Symbolic Animals can be seen everywhere, you couldn`t ignore the humour of the golden little pig on coach drawed by little black cow. People passed through it have a group photo taken to make the occasion.

Every store has its own features which worth your appreciation and aftertaste because of different levels and counterchanged display of every store.

The match of blue stone-red brick-red tiles so naturally and so harmonious, passing through the turning around doorstep and counterchanged display, a completely understanding of the feeling of “do the general feeling in their hearts”. 

Walking through the trails of the ancient city, looking up the decoration of “red bridge”, can`t help sighing with emotion about circumstances change with passage of time, the only constant is the profound and long standing Leizhou history.

Only a few restaurants in Leizhou can combine Leizhou local language with delicacy to develop localized signboard!

Passing through the corner, surprisingly find out that “a bite of Leizhou” is in the ancient city. Tasting the potato starch pie with a cup of tea, in this way which remind the most initial memory embedded in Leizhou people`s childhood.

Mu Guiying, as the most familiar historical personage with Leizhou people, is active in all kinds of Lei opera. People love her personality of courage and resolute, justice with mercy, generous and tolerant.

A historical culture wall will give you a deep thought when you stand in front of it. A wall that tells lots of stories about Leizhou, enlighten the warmth of Leizhou, read out the fetters of Leizhou fellow men`s heart. All are concentrated into this ancient city.

Life is like a drama and vice versa. Countless dramas are put on the stage of the opera tower. What`s the so called life change, when you are here, could always find out the sincere of the player and comprehension of the audience.

Could stories in the “Lei Opera” touch the most initial and mild memory of the audiences; make the players to think over the opera and themselves? Stand for the evolvement and transition of the old city?

After you`ve finished watching the Lei opera, wandering around the crowded night market. Staring at the lumina camera, think about the sensibility of all the day, and happiness. What a nice choice to be here!

If you go to the ancient city in the special festivals, you can appreciate different view and exceptional beauty.

How I wish to become the little stars in the balloons to memorize the ancient town and the beauty of the city.

Ancient city of tonight, you will sure to be immersed in it.

Taking your hand, visit the city with you.

Ancient city

Let`s meet next time!


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