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Zhanjiang and Liuzhou cooperate in poverty alleviation effortsZhanjiang and Liuzhou cooperate in poverty alleviation efforts

Representatives of human resources departments, enterprises, and technical schools in Zhanjiang were sent to Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region for employment and entrepreneurship activities on poverty alleviation from July 17 to 19.

To further promote the cooperation, the two cities have pushed forward projects such as Cantonese cuisine chef training and household service training. Well-known catering and household service enterprises of Zhanjiang have also provided jobs for Liuzhou residents to promote cooperation for poverty relief between Zhanjiang and Liuzhou.

Zhenjiang and Liuzhou have focused on employment and entrepreneurship since the two sides started cooperating in poverty alleviation efforts. The two cities have organized six employment and entrepreneurship activities, as well as set up three workshops in two years. A total of 425 people have been employed, including 257 people living under the poverty line. The two sides also held 14 job fairs, offering 9,628 jobs.

The training projects this time will help train 120 Cantonese cuisine chefs and 40 domestic workers.


People take part in a Cantonese cuisine chef training course in Liuzhou. [Photo by Deng Yaorui/]

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