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Traditional culture enriches children's sTraditional culture enriches children's summer holidayummer holiday

A family activity themed around Leizhou kilns was held in Zhanjiang recently, igniting the passion of more than 100 parents and children making pottery with Li Xiaoming, a craftsman who is dedicated to revitalizing the glory of Leizhou kilns.

Handicrafts, like making pottery, help fulfill children's summer vacation and help them better understand traditional Chinese culture. Schools can introduce traditional handmade and old games, as well as invite teachers to show students how to play. Parents should take time to accompany the children to make handicrafts and play old games instead of electronic games. The government departments and related units should also carry out various activities.

These measures not only help students develop hands-on skills and the spirit of teamwork, but also help them learn more about traditional culture.


Li Xiaoming takes out the burnt pottery from the kiln. [Photo/]

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