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Zhanjiang promotes rural prosperity


An aerial view of rural areas in Zhanjiang. [Photo/]

The Strategic Plan for Rural Revitalization in Zhanjiang (2018-2022) was recently released by the Zhanjiang government, promoting Zhanjiang's strategy of rural revitalization and drawing a new blueprint for the construction of beautiful countryside in Zhanjiang.

The plan stipulates 29 main target indicators in accordance with the requirement of industrial revitalization, ecology livability, rural culture, effective governance, and bolstering quality of life. It also produced a major projects table, which covers 135 items including basic investment construction, industrial engineering, and people's livelihood security projects.


An aerial view of rural areas in Zhanjiang. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

The plan puts high demands on the development of rural areas in Zhanjiang and has set up the timeline. It is expected to make significant progress in rural revitalization and to establish a basic policy system by 2020. It is then predicted to reach remarkable results in rural revitalization and greatly improve the rural living environment by 2022. By 2027, it is anticipated to achieve strategic results in rural revitalization and fundamentally accelerate modernization of rural areas. By 2035, it is estimated to make decisive progress in rural revitalization and realize the modernization of agricultural and rural areas. It is planned on fully revitalizing rural areas in Zhanjiang by 2050. The plan proposes to achieve five major revitalizations of industry, talents, culture, ecology, and organization.

Specific measures of industrial revitalization include carrying out farmland construction, improving the output value of agricultural products processing, building modern agricultural demonstration zones, establishing agricultural research institutes, building agricultural science and technology parks, developing rural e-commerce, supporting characteristic agricultural brands, creating characteristic villages, developing characteristic cultural products, as well as developing coastal tourism.


Beautiful view of rural areas in Zhanjiang. [Photo/Zhanjiang Daily]

Talents revitalization efforts include plans for the city to establish regular urban service mechanisms for urban doctors, teachers, science, and technology personnel, as well as the establishment of a talent evaluation system. Culture revitalization focuses on cultural venue construction, folk tourism, and traditional arts. Ecology revitalization will strengthen the protection of historical sites, cultivate the development of characteristic towns, strengthen the protection of offshore ecosystems, and increase greening of villages. Organization revitalization requires improving the modern rural social governance system.

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