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Sanjiang launches tourism promotion at Zhanjiang fair

A tourism promotion fair for Sanjiang Dong autonomous county in Liuzhou of Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was held in Guangdong province's Zhanjiang on Sept 6.

Sanjiang Dong autonomous county, which is home to many ethnic groups including the Dong, Han, Miao, Yao, and Zhuang, enjoys strong ethnic characteristics and abundant tourism resources.

The fair was aimed to enhance communication and cooperation in tourism between Zhanjiang and Sanjiang, as well as establish platforms for pushing forward poverty alleviation efforts in Sanjiang through tourism.

Various activities, such as showcasing tourism promotion videos, staging ethic group performances, and selling tourist commodities, were held during the fair and preferential tourism policies were introduced.

Zhanjiang and Liuzhou had established a relationship in tourism in 2018 and measures, including co-organizing tourism promotion fairs and launching distinctive tourism routes, have been carried by the two sides. 

In 2018, Liuzhou received over 100,000 tourists from Zhanjiang and the number in 2019 has currently reached over 50,000.

Zhanjiang and Sanjiang are highly complementary in tourism and more cooperation will be carried out to achieve mutual benefits for both sides, according to an official of the Zhanjiang municipal bureau of culture television and sport.


Distinctive tourism products from Sanjiang Dong autonomous county are for sale during the tourism promotion fair. [Photo/]

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