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Robot helps travel inspection at Zhanjiang Airport

 A robot was put into use at Zhanjiang Airport on Sept 9 to check passenger bags under the guidance of customs officers.

The robot is a type of smart inspection equipment with deep integration of artificial intelligence and multiple detection technologies. It can provide: inspection and testing services for drug and explosives; low temperature monitoring; nuclear radiation monitoring; drugs, jewelry, and chemical warfare agents monitoring; as well as fruit inspection. In addition, human-machine dialogue services, such as tax rate inspection, policy explanation, exchange rate inquiry, and multilingual translation, are also available.

"The robot makes up for the traditional manual inspection and insufficient fluoroscopy of X-ray machines, CT machines, and other electronic equipment. It also improves customs clearance efficiency and provides more convenient customs clearance services for inbound and outbound passengers," said a leader of Zhanjiang Airport Customs.


A custom officer uses the inspection robot to check passengers' bags. [Photo/]

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