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Folk music in Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang has two music genres. One is the Leizhou song performance and the other is the Anpu instrumental music performance and Wuchuan pottery drum.

Folk dance in Zhanjiang

The local folk art consists of dance, music and sculpture. Dance can be divided into two genres based on spatial dimension. The first genre is the plane performance. It features the performance on a two-dimensional stage and has characteristics of the Renlong dance from Donghai Island.

Traditional villages

Leizhou city of Zhanjiang has been named a national historic city as Leizhou Peninsula enjoys a long history and is home to many traditional villages. The local government is stepping up efforts on protection of these traditional villages, with eight of them under State protection.

Stone Dogs in Leizhou Peninsula

In the Leizhou Peninsula, at the southernmost tip of the Chinese mainland, various stone dogs can be spotted at village entrances, ancient roads and ancient gates. These roughly carved stone dogs, which have turned grayish after a long period of rain and wind, are the gem of the peninsula's time-honored unique culture, attracting many tourists from both home and abroad.

Diverse cultures converge in Zhanjiang

Coastal melting pot features colorful traditions of various ethnic groups.Zhanjiang is a prefecture-level city in the southwestern part of Guangdong province.

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